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Hampshire Paws Animal Rescue is a small rescue based in Hampshire, founded in 2019.


Our animals are living in foster homes, being kindly cared for by dedicated volunteers.

We rescue and rehome unwanted and neglected animals predominantly in the UK but also overseas

because we believe rescue has no borders.

Our animals are from places such as owner surrenders and unclaimed strays from the pound.

We provide veterinary care and if needed, behavioural training, whilst the animals are in our

care, using qualified veterinarians  and behaviourists. Once the animals arrive into rescue, they

are  assessed, health checked and if required microchipped,  vaccinated and neutered prior to

being advertised for adoption, where we will match our  animals to applicants to ensure the

right homes are offered to each individual animals needs. We rely solely on the generosity of

public donations to continue to run and provide the care for our animals, including all of our

veterinary expenses in rescue, so we are very appreciative of

anyone who wishes to make a one off or regular donation.


All applicants must complete an application form and have a successful home check prior to

meeting any animals. Adoption  fees vary depending on the species, age and health of the animal.

Some animals require multiple visits to familiarise themselves with the applicant and ensure a

smoother transition into their new home.


The rescue doesn't work on a first come first serve basis as we choose which home is most

suited to the individual animal.  We offer as much advice and support as you need and have a

list of qualified behaviourists of whom we highly recommend.  Not all of our animals history is

known so we do not place our dogs into homes with young children.


We are a no kill rescue, meaning we never put a healthy animal to sleep and we will continue

to support each individual  throughout their life in our care and once adopted we provide a lifetime

of rescue back up. We all work along with running  the rescue and caring for the animals so

please be patient and send a text or email if we cannot answer your call at the time.

Our small team is passionate about rescue and dedicate their lives to helping homeless

animals and we adore  receiving updates of the animals who have been adopted ❤️


We will always welcome new foster homes to join the team and those who wish to fundraise for

the rescue. Adopting a rescue animal gives a deserving pet a second chance at a happy life and can bring

you many years of joy.


By choosing to adopt from Hampshire Paws, you are supporting a local organization and helping

to reduce the number of animals in shelters. Our goal for the future is to open a centre which will

enable us to help and support many more animals.


"Not all homes should have an animal, but all animals should have a home."

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