Hampshire Paws Animal Rescue is a small foster based rescue in Hampshire UK, established in December 2019.

We mainly rescue dogs but also other animals, both from the UK and overseas.

We have a small trustworthy team who started the rescue as we are dedicated to improving animals lives and finding them suitable forever homes.

We are moving in the right direction to becoming a registered charity and we are working towards having our own sanctuary base here in the UK so that we can help and accommodate more animals, including dogs who need a little longer to be rehabilitated before finding their permanent homes.

We hold a strict no kill policy as we believe a dog should not be euthanised due to being let down by humans and that every dog deserves a chance.

Thousands of innocent Romanian street dogs are thrown into kill shelters, here they have only a short time to be rescued before they are killed using brutal methods. It is our goal to keep helping many of these dogs who are stuck with no where to go and to give them a chance to have a home and become a much loved family pet, which is the least they deserve, once they have been rehabilitated.

We will also continue to support the spay/neutering of the dogs to help to decrease the number of dogs living on the streets.

We hope that with enough support from the public, that we can keep on top of our regular vet fees and that we can fulfil our dreams and have a safe sanctuary for these animals to recover from their history or abuse and learn how to trust again.

We think educating people on care and welfare of animals is extremely important and will help to give animals a brighter future.